Victory Liner Experience


When we go to baguio and bolinao this transport company was the bus liner we patronize because of its good service and affordable price depending on the service that they offer. When it comes to premium bus it is a little bit expensive unlike to regular bus. The main location of this bus liner is at cubao terminal it is near the railroads of the
LRT station of cubao. The location is strategic because many people passes by and as a result they can be easily accessed and be seen.

The first class trip goes for P715 per person, compared to the regular trip which costs P445. You can find the list of trip schedules in the Victory Liner homepage.

So, what are the perks of the deluxe ride?

Comfort room. The bus is equipped with a toilet. Drank a lot before leaving? Got a weak bladder? No problem!
Snacks included. We each got a bottled water and some snacks (small brownie and a small pack of macapuno candies).
Shorter travel time. Unlike the regular trip, there are no stopovers since the passengers don’t have to get off the bus to go to toilet or buy snacks and drinks. We left Baguio at 1:10pm and reached Cubao after a little more than 5 hours.
More comfortable seats. There are fewer seats (most rows only have 3 seats) compared to a regular bus hence there is more leg room. The seats can also be reclined and there are leg rests available.
Solo seats. Perfect for solo travelers! No need to sit with a stranger if you’re traveling alone.
Newspapers. There are newspapers that you can read during the trip.
Easier movie viewing. There are two video monitors inside the bus (one near the driver and another at the middle of the bus, right above the CR) so everyone can watch the movie properly, unlike ordinary buses where people at the back cannot really see or hear the movie being shown.
Service Attendant. She hands out the snacks and the newspapers. You can also ask her if you have questions or other concerns.
  1. There were only two movies shown during the trip even though there was still enough time for a third one.
  2. The toilet was clean. There was running water and toilet paper but I was not sure if there was soap. There were liquids in bottles at the sink but they looked more like cleaning liquids than hand soap.
  3. The pretty attendant was a breath of fresh air compared to the usual “konduktor” we encounter when riding buses.
  4. Our attendant did not roam much after distributing the snacks and newspapers soon after boarding time. So if you have questions, better ask your stewardess early on.
  5. Only light snacks are available during the trip so bring along some (non-smelly) food or eat a filling meal before traveling.

Want to go to Baguio via Victory Liner? You can purchase regular and deluxe tickets either in person at the Victory Liner terminals or by online reservation. The online reservation system is archaic though. First you have to book at least 8 business days in advance then wait for Victory Liner’s email reply containing the payment information and/or Paypal invoice. Then you pay over the counter at Metrobank branches or through Paypal (subject to additional fees if via Paypal) then wait again for Victory Liner’s reply. The company will then send your tickets via courier but you have to pay an additional P100 minimum delivery fee. Such a system works for small online businesses but for a big long-time travel company like Victory Liner? They can afford a more sophisticated and convenient online booking system that lets customers pay via credit card, choose their seats, and print out their tickets — similar to what airlines use.

Nevertheless, we found Victory Liner’s First Class trip enjoyable. The only thing that dampened our mood was that upon reaching the Cubao terminal, we had to face reality once again. After four days of stress-free and pocket-friendly taxi rides in Baguio, the first thing that greeted us back in Manila were the asshole taxi drivers who either chose their passengers or wanted a fixed, overpriced fare. It took us quite a while to find a decent driver.



Florida Transport, Inc Experience

Since I love to travel around the world but I start to travel around first into my own country the Philippines. I first come to travel the Northern part of the Philippines which is the Luzon part. And in traveling around Luzon area Bus or Airplane is the only way of transportation that is catered by public transport.  Since I was a child I love to travel different parts of the world. Because it is one of my dreams and goals in life. I want also to become a flight attendant someday because being a flight attendant would help me travel the world because I would be flying to different places. But, here in a Bus transport it is also same we came to different places but the experience is by land travel.

When we travel going to vigan just to visit the 7 churches there and to visit the historical landmarks of that city we ride a bus and that bus transport is the florida transport, inc. It is located in sampaloc manila in the main streets of manila which the espana boulevard. The location is strategic in terms of area because it is near school, condos and business establishments. Its price offering is affordable that every people can afford because it is not that expensive and the service is good because their staff and bus drivers are friendly and approachable; moreover, they are accommodating in terms of queries of every customer.

I choose this bus company as one of my service blogs because it is one of the bus companies that I have tried in metro manila when I am going to other parts of luzon most especially northern part of it. The experience is different from other bus company because as what I have said their staff and bus drivers are friendly. Because when we got to vigan it was our first time together with my girlfriend and we tried to talk to the passengers and the people around the bus just to gain information about vigan and how to get there. One of the persons that we talked to in the bus was the assistant of the bus driver and the bus driver itself. They were friendly and easy to get along with. We feel safe and relaxed when we are traveling going to vigan because of this people despite it was our firstime and we were nervous because we might get lost. But the florida experience was different. And this inspired me to blog this transport company because of its great workers.

Max’s Restaurant Vigan

Since one of my favorite habits is to eat. I have decided to put this establishment to one of my service blogs. Max’s Vigan is really different from those max’s restaurants that i have ever seen and experience to eat at. Aside from its different physical appearance, Max’s vigan offers a different variant of food like they offer the famous and delicious dish of the people of vigan the “bagnet” Max’s vigan has this unique way of serving their customers aside from its unique physical structure because it is an old house structure wherein you would see the antique and hispanic influence of the physical structure and style of the said restaurant.

The price of the said dishes were affordable and is worth it because it is really a delicious and mouth-watering dishes. So, most customers would buy the famous bagnet because of its signature taste and the crispiness of the said food. Max’s restaurant have their own way of offering rice cakes and polvoron to customers because it is one of the best desserts of vigan. They added also dirty ice cream as one of their product offerings because it is one of the favorites of the people of vigan.

The ambiance and the service of the said restaurant is really good. Because of its friendly staff and managers. They talked to us because they knew we were tourists in their city. They see to it that we have enjoyed our meals and their service. They wanted to know if we are satisfied to their product offerings and if we are happy to their service offerings; moreover, the ambiance of that restaurant makes you relaxed and feel you are at your home. All of these things makes the restaurant excellent in terms of service and product offerings. It makes the customers interested to the restaurant and eventually become loyal to the said brand; moreover, because of its affordable price and with its excellent service. More customers will come and the said establishment would be successful. And we can see that it is really successful because it existed already decades in Vigan city. It would not exist that long if it is not that successful. Sometimes it needs good managers to have a good decision making in terms of managing the said business and in this case of Max’s Vigan they have great managers. Because they were able to preserve the culture and tradition of Max’s vigan. They still instill the hispanic and historical background of the city. The culture and traditions. Their national dishes and etc. Its location is strategic because it is located in the main plaza of vigan. So, many people are passing by and dine in that restaurant.

Cafe Leona Vigan


When we arrived Vigan during holy week it was already twelve midnight and we needed a place to sleep so we checked in a nearby hotel that is a few meters away from the main town called the plaza burgos. After we have checked in to the hotel. We slept immediately. The night passed so quickly and then when we woke up we had eaten our free breakfast coming from the said hotel.


After eating our breakfast we planned to roam around the city and have a tour. So, we go to the main landmarks of vigan, its historical and hispanic churches, and other places like museums etc. We spent the almost the rest of the day having a tour at the city of vigan. We hear stories of tour guides and other trivias that makes the city of vigan relevant. After we have the tour we were so tired and hungry so, me and my girlfriend decided to go to a famous restaurant in vigan. It was said the oldest and the famous restaurant in vigan because of its historical origin and because of its delicious dishes that they offer.

Cafe Leona was the only restaurant in vigan that had existed many decades ago. The success of the restaurant represents the historical and hispanic figure of the city. It represents the old and antique city of vigan; moreover, it also represents the best dishes of vigan. We can find in this restaurant the delicious and famous dishes of the people of vigan.

I choose this restaurant as one of my service blogs because of its good retro ambiance that makes you feel you are in the early 1900 or you were in the early years where spanish colonization is active and alive. This restaurant has preserved its culture and antique physical structure. The price offerings of every food in the said restaurant is affordable and is not that expensive; moreover, the amount of serving is really not what you expect in terms of price. Because the serving of food is more than what you expect to the price and you will be surprised that this cost not that much but they serve this much. Their great service of making the customers satisfied makes them successful. Because of their strategy to make customers happy and satisfied. They did not fail to operate so until now they still operate and existed for decades now. Its location is strategic because it is located in the center of vigan which is the plaza burgos. In terms of its location many people passes by and sees that restaurant as a result they do not need to advertise because they are easily accessed and they had already established they brand name which is the oldest restaurant in vigan.

Casa de Soledad Vigan

Holy week is where people are trying to repent and reflect on the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ; moreover, people are having long weekends or long holidays. This is also the day wherein most of the workers have a rest and a vacation because mostly all business establishments and companies implement holidays in order to reflect and observe the holy week traditions and practices. During holy week me and my girlfriend decided to have a “visita iglesia” it is where catholics visit 7 churches. It is a devotion to God and it is also a usual tradition of every christian during holy week. We visited the 7 churches in Vigan. It was awesome and historical to visit the churches of Vigan because of its hispanic heritage of every churches we visited. In every church it reminds of antique churches where being built by the spaniards during the colonization.

Aside from the visita iglesia we also had a tour in the historial landmarks of the town like museums, houses of the famous people of vigan. the calle crisologo wherein it represents a hispanic ambiance. etc. After all those things like doing visita iglesia and visiting the landmarks. We find a hotel near the center of the city the “Casa De Soledad” it is a few meters away from the plaza burgos of vigan. It is also a few steps away from the main streets of vigan like calle crisologo and calle liberation. The hotel offers good service and hospitality to customers; moreover, the rate of the hotel is for the middle class people; moreover, the hotel is suitable for tourists who are together with their family or with their loved ones. Because of its good ambiance and the accomodating staff.

I choose this hotel as one of my service blogs because it is one of the affordable hotels in the town of vigan and because of its good service and ambiance what we are paying for is worth it and worth paying for; moreover, because of its hospitality services like free wifi, water and other personal needs like shampoo and soap bars. It also offers free breakfast once you check in to the hotel. The experience is great even though the price offering is not that expensive but still the service and accommodation is not what you expect for because of the price offering. With this kind of service and accomodation more customers are attracted and will be interested to the establishment and as a result there will be more customers to come and eventually these customers will be loyal customers and as loyal customers they will finally become life time customers. These would have a great impact to the establishment. Once these would happen the establishment would not need to advertise because the customers itself would advertise the said establishment because of its excellent service with an affordable prices. Its location is strategic because it is in the main highways of vigan which is the calle liberation.

Kalye-27 Car Wash

Since I was a child, I do really love cars and not just loving cars I also love to have my own car someday. Because for me when someone owns a car it is a status symbol that would partially define you in the status of life. To own a car is deemed as a rich person or someone who is able and has the capacity. And when someone owns a car it needs maintenance and washing so, I have included the Kalye 27 car wash as one of my service blogs because cars are my favorite thing in life. I love to watch movie most especially when cars are involved just like the 2 fast 2 furious movie.

When I was a child I used to clean and wash the car of my parents together with my other siblings and our helpers. Because I believe that when we are the one doing the job for our own things we do it good and not being rushed. Aside from being free it would also be nice if we are the ones cleaning our own cars because we may be cautious in making the car dirty. But as time goes by our ways and acts changes, people change. So, probably because of busy schedules and other activities that hinders us from cleaning our own car. We try to rely on car wash businesses just for stress and hassle free. We wanted their service because it is convenient and affordable.

This car wash “kalye-27” is located in Kalibo, Aklan near the provincial capitol of the town. Its location is strategic in terms of target market and non target market. Because there are many people who passes by that place during the night and day may it be people passing by with cars or without cars. The price of their service is like P250 package with wax and vacuum already. The establishment offers food and drinks while waiting for the car to be serviced as a sign of hospitality service to customers; moreover, to promote customer relationship.

Abre Gana Bar and Restaurant


Since I love bars and clubs. I love to enjoy and live life happy. Sometimes we need that “panandaliang saya” because all of us wanted to be happy. And we do not want to be sad or to live life miserable. There are many bars and clubs in boracay that I have encountered but this bar in Kalibo is not the typical club or bar that I have experienced because this bar in Kalibo is a bar at night and at day time it is a restaurant. What makes it different from other bars is there service and the ambiance of the said bar. Mostly all bars and clubs nowadays are electro music. Only a few would play acoustic or any other genre of music. But this bar in kalibo is conservative because it preserved its culture and tradition which is to play aklanon songs and any other music related to the culture of the people in the town; moreover, they play retro music in order to cater those of the old generations. They also play acoustic songs may it be OPM or foreign music.

It was only the year 2008 when this bar started operating. It started from a family business owned restaurant and then eventually it turned out into a bar. It is located in andagao, kalibo, aklan. It is a few kilometers away from the kalibo airport. It can accomodate 100-150 persons. Beside this bar and restaurant is the Basa hotel where the latter has partnership. So, when the tourists/customers needed a place to sleep they would easily be accomodated. There is no problem in terms of the place to eat and have fun because a few steps away from the hotel is the Abre Gana bar.

Let me share to you my experience when I was in highschool. Me and my highschool friends used to drink alcoholic liquors in that bar. There are a lot of memories and flashbacks to remember if I would be going back in that place. We used to chill in that place because it is one of the great bars in Kalibo. Because of its relaxing ambiance and good music. The combination of good music and good ambiance makes the customers feel relaxed; moreover, because of its good acoustic bands playing the music in the stage.

The PAL experience

I live in the province of Aklan particularly in the town of Kalibo. And it is the time where vacation is near to come. And I plan to go home to my province. So, I avail the service of air transportation in order to reach my desired destination. I chose Philippine Airlines as a vehicle in order to go home because of its affordable price and great hospitality service; moreover, it is better to patronize our local products/services than to foreign products/services. Because it gives benefit and progress to our country. Anyway, the experience of flying with PAL is different from the other airlines that I have encountered; the experience is really great and worth the pay. Not just because of PAL’s unique way of showing hospitality to its customers but because of its integrity and brand equity; PAL has been the one of the great airlines here in our country.

My experience in the said flight was really good that I do not have to worry about plane crushes due to pilot errors. Because PAL has trained their crews and pilot well. And in fact there is still no report of plane crash in domestic flights here in the Philippines; moreover, in every airline they know when to cancel or not the flight; they have precautionary measures or protocols to follow.  So, there is no need to worry about the flight all you need to do is seat and relax just like what I did when I experienced the flight. But sometimes, it is too hard to be complacent to the things we believe and experience. Because we may not know what would happen in the future only God knows. Even the greatest ship had sunk to the waters just like the story of Titanic. People believe that the ship would not sink to the water because of man’s great invention but what happened in the end; moreover, they would say also that even God cannot destroy the ship. Anyway, enough to stories that are not related to services. All I can say to PAL experience is perfect because of its great service, great crew and pilot, and most of all great experience. This airlines is my home in the sky.

El Moro Resort of Boracay

December 2015 when I had my vacation in Aklan. After staying in my hometown which is Kalibo I then go to Boracay just to have a relaxing vacation and in order also to feel the beautiful place of boracay which is the beach. From kalibo I rode a van going to caticlan, the travel time lasts for 1 hour and 30 min. When I reached caticlan jetty port I would be riding a pump boat going to cagban port of boracay. After I reached the port of boracay I would be riding a tricycle going to D’mall which is station 2 or the center of boracay.

I stayed on my aunt’s resort in boracay. This place is so good and accommodating because it is located in the center of boracay while it is also near the beach; moreover, it’s price is affordable and it’s quality is better than what is expected on the price. So, my stay in boracay was awesome because of my aunt’s resort. I enjoyed the stay in boracay and had a time to be relaxed as well. Because before vacation when I have classes, I feel stressed because of school works etc. So, now I had the chance to feel relaxed and had nothing to bother on my mind.

I choose this resort in boracay as one of my blogs because of its excellent service; moreover, this place is perfect together with your family, friends, your loved ones during vacations, outings and reunions. The experience is worth it and worth remembering. I am really satisfied to the extent that me and my family always want to stay in this place. I recommend that if you try to visit boracay. Visit el moro resort in order to experience your second home here in boracay.

Saylo Cuisine of Kalibo

It was december 2015 when 1st semester SY 2015-2016 nearly ends. And Christmas season was imminent to start. It was the perfect time for vacation and celebration with the family because of long holidays. At the same time, it is followed by a New Year’s Eve celebration. The month of December is the greatest time because it is where people are happy; moreover, people are sharing their love to one another and most especially people are with their families enjoying the moment while they are still completely together as a family. Because in life, we may not know what lies ahead but only God knows.

1896825_730277423659235_1382272722_nFor me, If I had the chance to freeze time. I would freeze the time of december where christmas season happens because it is where I have the time with my family and it is the time where we are complete. It is the time also where I could relax myself because there is no better place than home. Everything that bothers and hinders you from school could be postponed for a while because it is a long holiday; moreover, you are away from physical stress and mental stress that causes problem and trouble to one’s self.


So, I decided to go home to our province together with my two brothers that is also studying here in UST. We left manila at 6:00pm and arrived to Kalibo at 7:00pm. When we arrived Kalibo, my mother was already waiting at the arrival area ready to pick us. After all baggages were secured. We went to a famous restaurant in Kalibo named “Saylo”. It is a Akeanon word which means “come in”. It is a filipino cuisine that offers different variants of food and dishes but focuses on the special dishes of the Visayas people. Every vacation when we arrived from manila we went to this restaurant to bond and to eat together; Even before we leave Kalibo we bond and eat together in this place. It is like a tradition of the family, it is already engraved in our hearts that we love and like this restaurant because of its good quality of service and not just because of its service but also because of its good quality of products. The ambiance of the said restaurant is perfect for the family. But not just for family but also for friends etc. In terms of its pricing, it is affordable and worth spending. Everything that you want to try most especially the special dishes of Aklan can be found in this restaurant. They offer the “inubarang manok” it is a native chicken that is savored by a coconut’s milk and other spices. They also offer the “Binakol na manok” it is also a native chicken cooked inside a bamboo chute mixed with a pandan leaf and spices. There could be many mouth watering food that they can offer. But those two menus are the special dishes in the province of Aklan most especially in Kalibo.


The white bowl on the left side is the “inubaran na manok” while inside the clay pot is the “binakol na manok”

I choose this restaurant as one of my blogs because of its excellent service and excellent product offerings; moreover, its ambiance is perfect for family gatherings most especially during christmas. I expect high quality services and quality products in this restaurant because it is one of the famous restaurants in Kalibo. The experience is worth it and worth remembering. I am really satisfied to the extent that me and my family always want to dine in this place. I recommend that if you try to visit Kalibo most especially before going to Boracay it would be nice if you would try to dine first at Saylo because it is one of the finest restaurants in the town of Kalibo and try its special dishes. Just to say that you have totally experience the place because you have tried its exotic dishes. Your stay in Kalibo would not be complete if you would not experience to taste these food.