Pizza Hut Cravings

Pizza Hut, one of the leading pizza fast food chain in the Philippines introduces its new spin on their well-loved pizza, the new pizza hut’s Hand Stretched Pizza alongside the new Pizza Crust Innovation. Pizza hut lovers like myself can now enjoy a thinner and lighter pizza crust filled with flavors brought about by the crust glaze coating edge.

In a nutshell, Pizza Hut Hand Stretched Pizza sits somewhere in between their usual pan pizza and thin crust pizza. Lighter but heftier at the same time. What makes it all the more delicious is the crust glaze that adds texture and flavor for full blown pizza enjoyment.


Hand Stretched Pizza

This Pizza Hut’s Hand Stretched Pizza can be had if you avail of Pizza Hut’s Hot deals promo that entitles you to buy (2) family size pizza for only P499. You should avail it through Pizza Hut Delivery service, there is no delivery charge.

There are five flavors of Hand stretched Pizza to choose from; Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, 3-Cheese, Cheesy Pepperoni and Chesseburger.

The Crust Glaze on the other hand has four variants; Toasted Cheddar, Honey Crunch, Toasted Parmesan, and Garlic Parmesan Butter.

You can mix and match these choices, whatever floats your boat. Pizza Hut as always, aims to make their patrons happy.


Hand Stretched Pizza and Hawaiian Supreme

I was able to try two variants of these Hand Stretched Pizza today and I must say that as someone who is not too fond of thick crust pizza but gets easily hungry when downing thin crust variants, this options sits well with me.

It is also perfect for those who again, like me are not too fond of the thick pizza edge. It always makes me feel like eating a plain bread so I would normally ditch that part. Although I am more than happy when Pizza Hut introduced their Stuffed Crust Pizza, the Crust Glaze is welcome respite from the usual.


Hawaiian Supreme with Honey Crunch Glaze

First variant, I tried was the Hawaiian Supreme with Honey Crunch Glaze. I am not a big fan of pineapple on my pizza but I am ready to make exception for this one since the perfect sweetness and the exciting texture of the Honey Crunch Glaze made the pie palatable for me.

I love that the edge was generously glazed with honey and corn flakes. It was like incorporating memories of my childhood in a pizza, seriously. This was a revelation of a combination for me.

The second variant I got dibs on was the Supreme Pizza with Toasted Cheddar Crust Glaze. Equally impressive since I love cheddar cheese. The pizza is cheesy enough in itself but the crust glazed made it even better.


Supreme Pizza with Toasted Cheddar Crust Glaze

I love the fact that as always, Pizza Hut is always generous to their toppings. I guess that it is the reason why I have always been a fan ever since. I am always getting my money’s worth. Now that they have this Hot Deals promo, it feels like I am getting so much more.


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