Hangin Kite Resort Boracay


Main entrance

For a couple days I stayed at the beautiful Hangin Kite Resort on Bulabog Beach. As the name tells, Hangin Kite Resort is a favorite spot for kite surfers. The Owner Normeth is such a dear, and she’s quite popular on the island. Besides running the Hangin Resort and a kite school, she’s also the owner of the famous Mermaid School and teaching people how to swim like a mermaid…


Front Beach view

The resort has been recently renovated, each room is individually designed. My room had high ceilings and a bathtub in the center of the room. I could see the ocean while having a bath. The room had a lovely view, overlooking Bulabog Beach.

View inside the room

There was a cozy lounge deck across our room, the perfect place to get a tan, read a book or just watch the kite surfers. If you can wake up early, you’ll see a stunning sunrise over Bulabog Beach.

Hangin Kite Resort is located on Bulabog Beach, a five minute walk from D`Mall and maybe eight minutes walk to White Beach. This is probably your cheapest bet if you fancy a beachfront place. I loved staying there. Unique rooms, great views and welcoming staff.


Rates: Double room start from PHP1500/night (in low season, June – Sep.). Each room is equipped with A/C, LCD TV, kettle and fridge.

The experience at Hangin Kite Resort was really awesome and amazing because of their good quality of service and worth it price offerings. You would really feel the nature and the fresh air it emits. The ambient conditions makes you feel you are at home; moreover it makes you feel relaxed and stress free.

If you would be going to boracay do not forget to go and visit this place for you to experience paradise. If you want a place far from urbanized parts of boracay try to visit this place. It would be great and worth it. It would be so great that you would not forget the experience.



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