Pizza Hut Cravings

Pizza Hut, one of the leading pizza fast food chain in the Philippines introduces its new spin on their well-loved pizza, the new pizza hut’s Hand Stretched Pizza alongside the new Pizza Crust Innovation. Pizza hut lovers like myself can now enjoy a thinner and lighter pizza crust filled with flavors brought about by the crust glaze coating edge.

In a nutshell, Pizza Hut Hand Stretched Pizza sits somewhere in between their usual pan pizza and thin crust pizza. Lighter but heftier at the same time. What makes it all the more delicious is the crust glaze that adds texture and flavor for full blown pizza enjoyment.


Hand Stretched Pizza

This Pizza Hut’s Hand Stretched Pizza can be had if you avail of Pizza Hut’s Hot deals promo that entitles you to buy (2) family size pizza for only P499. You should avail it through Pizza Hut Delivery service, there is no delivery charge.

There are five flavors of Hand stretched Pizza to choose from; Supreme, Hawaiian Supreme, 3-Cheese, Cheesy Pepperoni and Chesseburger.

The Crust Glaze on the other hand has four variants; Toasted Cheddar, Honey Crunch, Toasted Parmesan, and Garlic Parmesan Butter.

You can mix and match these choices, whatever floats your boat. Pizza Hut as always, aims to make their patrons happy.


Hand Stretched Pizza and Hawaiian Supreme

I was able to try two variants of these Hand Stretched Pizza today and I must say that as someone who is not too fond of thick crust pizza but gets easily hungry when downing thin crust variants, this options sits well with me.

It is also perfect for those who again, like me are not too fond of the thick pizza edge. It always makes me feel like eating a plain bread so I would normally ditch that part. Although I am more than happy when Pizza Hut introduced their Stuffed Crust Pizza, the Crust Glaze is welcome respite from the usual.


Hawaiian Supreme with Honey Crunch Glaze

First variant, I tried was the Hawaiian Supreme with Honey Crunch Glaze. I am not a big fan of pineapple on my pizza but I am ready to make exception for this one since the perfect sweetness and the exciting texture of the Honey Crunch Glaze made the pie palatable for me.

I love that the edge was generously glazed with honey and corn flakes. It was like incorporating memories of my childhood in a pizza, seriously. This was a revelation of a combination for me.

The second variant I got dibs on was the Supreme Pizza with Toasted Cheddar Crust Glaze. Equally impressive since I love cheddar cheese. The pizza is cheesy enough in itself but the crust glazed made it even better.


Supreme Pizza with Toasted Cheddar Crust Glaze

I love the fact that as always, Pizza Hut is always generous to their toppings. I guess that it is the reason why I have always been a fan ever since. I am always getting my money’s worth. Now that they have this Hot Deals promo, it feels like I am getting so much more.


Shakeys All time favorites

My unwavering love for their thin crust pizza made Shakey’s one of my all time favorite pizza parlors. For years now, the quality of their food has never changed. at least in my opinion; moreover, the superb customer experience I always get from their employees whenever I visit Shakeys. I may have fallen in love with other pizza restaurants, but Shakey’s still has a spot on my list.

Thin Crust Belly Buster Pizza is one of my all time favorites. Packed with 11 kinds of toppings, Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, ham, salami, cheddar cheese, salami bits, mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, onions, and black olives. A bite of this ultimately satisfying pizza will send a burst of flavor inside your mouth, while its hot crunchy thin crust only add delight to the experience.


Thin Crust Belly Buster Pizza

When dining alone or whenever I am with just a couple of friends. I usually opt for their Wholesome Combos. Their bunch of Lunch


Bunch of Lunch Combo

Their mushroom soup was surprisingly delicious, a meal without it would be incomplete


Creamy Mushroom Soup

If in the event that I am in a company of more than three, it is rather practical to order for their monster deals. The last time I visited, I was with three of my friends and we feasted on the deal which consists of Angus Steak Pizza, Chicken, Mojos, Platter of Spaghetti, Garlic bread, and a pitcher of Cola.


Angus Steakhouse Pizza

I still enjoy this variant. However, there are times when it can be a bit salty, so I always request for them to go a little easy on the seasoning for my order.


Chicken and Mojos

I have gone crazy over Shakey’s Chiken and Mojos way back and up to now, I still have incessant cravings from time to time.


Spaghetti Platter

Their spaghetti may not look appetizing at all, but it is one of my favorite store bought spaghetti as it reminds me of the one my brother cooks at home. There’s a fine balance betweeen sweet and sour flavor in the sauce which blends perfectly with the pasta and complements with a garlic bread.


Garlic Bread

Their good old spaghetti would be very lonely without these yummy pieces of garlic bread. The bread was perfectly crunchy and generously smothered with garlic butter. I can eat this alone if only it is sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese on top.


Several Shakey’s are near in my area, but their branch in Espana, Manila is the one I frequent to for guaranteed fast and good service;moreover, it is near to me. Shakey’s is and will always be an all time classic favorite, I hope they would not change the good quality of their food and the good customer service.


Hangin Kite Resort Boracay


Main entrance

For a couple days I stayed at the beautiful Hangin Kite Resort on Bulabog Beach. As the name tells, Hangin Kite Resort is a favorite spot for kite surfers. The Owner Normeth is such a dear, and she’s quite popular on the island. Besides running the Hangin Resort and a kite school, she’s also the owner of the famous Mermaid School and teaching people how to swim like a mermaid…


Front Beach view

The resort has been recently renovated, each room is individually designed. My room had high ceilings and a bathtub in the center of the room. I could see the ocean while having a bath. The room had a lovely view, overlooking Bulabog Beach.

View inside the room

There was a cozy lounge deck across our room, the perfect place to get a tan, read a book or just watch the kite surfers. If you can wake up early, you’ll see a stunning sunrise over Bulabog Beach.

Hangin Kite Resort is located on Bulabog Beach, a five minute walk from D`Mall and maybe eight minutes walk to White Beach. This is probably your cheapest bet if you fancy a beachfront place. I loved staying there. Unique rooms, great views and welcoming staff.


Rates: Double room start from PHP1500/night (in low season, June – Sep.). Each room is equipped with A/C, LCD TV, kettle and fridge.

The experience at Hangin Kite Resort was really awesome and amazing because of their good quality of service and worth it price offerings. You would really feel the nature and the fresh air it emits. The ambient conditions makes you feel you are at home; moreover it makes you feel relaxed and stress free.

If you would be going to boracay do not forget to go and visit this place for you to experience paradise. If you want a place far from urbanized parts of boracay try to visit this place. It would be great and worth it. It would be so great that you would not forget the experience.


Boracay the Ultimate Paradise


Have you ever sat to the ultimate healthy meal, only to find yourself gazing at the unopened bag of Sour Patch Kids in your kitchen?

You made yourself a salad — an exceptionally healthy one. It’s vegan, gluten-free, has seasoned tofu for protein and even a good dose of goji berries and various nuts and seeds loaded with antioxidants.

You’re about to serve yourself — and then that bag of Sour Patch Kids catches your eye. It’s filled with Sour Patch Kids. And right next to it is a package of peanut butter M&Ms.

You know you should eat your salad like a proper person…but you really, really want that candy. And it wouldn’t be so bad to eat it. Just for one meal.

Boracay is candy in destination form.


With only two weeks allotted to explore the Philippines before heading on to Hong Kong and back to the US, my time was limited. My original plans for the Philippines had been to head up through North Luzon to see the UNESCO-listed rice terraces along with the hanging coffins of Sagada.

This region shows off some of the Philippines’ natural and cultural beauty, and I wanted to explore it — it seemed like the “smart” thing to do.

That said…it wouldn’t be the smoothest journey. It would take two overnight buses there and back, plus some crazy bus journeys along cliffs, very basic guesthouses, spotty connectivity…a region that I’d love to visit at the right time. But this wasn’t the right time. I had too much work to do and not enough energy to give this trip the attention it deserved.

Sabrina, my Philippines-expert friend, nearly exploded when I told her my plans. “You can’t go to the Philippines and not see a single beach!” she admonished me. “The beaches are the best part! Go to Boracay.”

That was all the convincing I needed. I booked tickets right away.


Getting to Know Boracay

Boracay is a tiny island in the Visayas region of the central Philippines. As the most popular travel destination in the Philippines, it’s far from undiscovered — the island absolutely teems with tourists, especially Filipinos, Koreans, and Chinese.

White Beach is the main hub of the island, stretching along the west coast, and it’s often cited as one of the world’s best beaches. And with a beach path running parallel to the shore, you could spend your whole stay on Boracay on sand — I know I nearly did!

White Beach is divided into three sections named after the former boat stations: Station 1, furthest north, is home to luxury resorts. Station 2, in the middle, is a huge commercial hub and home to tons of shops, restaurants, and hotels, as well as DMall, a massive shopping complex.


Station 3, furthest south, is much quieter and more relaxed. Just south of Station 3 is Angol, an even more chilled out neighborhood. Some people say that Angol is the only remnant of the “Old Boracay” before it got so developed.

There are a few other beaches — Bulabog Beach in the east is popular with the kitesurfing/windsurfing crowd in high season, and secluded Puka Beach in the north is a big day trip destination.

As for me, I loved the Station 3/Angol region and spent the bulk of my time there, but would often head up to Station 2 for dinner and drinks.

Boracay Life

Wake up, sit on the beach, get brunch, get lunch, read, swim a little bit. Watch the sunset, get dinner, maybe get a drink or two. That’s all you have to know.

The thing about Boracay is that the beach here is so great — the sand so white and fine, the beachfront so long, the landscape so beautiful, the water so warm and turquoise — that you can do nothing else and still feel entirely accomplished.

Also: eat mangos day and night. I swear that the Philippines is home to the sweetest, juiciest mangos in the world. I had mango juice, mango shakes, mango lassis, even a mango set on fire with burning cognac and topped with ice cream!

Boracay Sunset

The World’s Best Sunsets

Back in the day, I thought that Koh Lanta was home to the world’s best sunsets. While I’ve seen some amazing sunsets on Lanta, quite frankly, they didn’t hold a candle to what I saw on Boracay.

On my third night on Boracay, I saw what was indisputably the best sunset of my life. My photos don’t remotely capture how incredible it was, but here are a few shots of it anyway.

Boracay Sunset  Boracay Sunset Boracay Sunset Boracay Sunset

Elorde Boxing Gym

I love sports and its one of my great hobbies most especially basketball. but, I try to explore a different field of sports which is kick boxing or famously known as Muay Thai. And one of my friends also invited me to have a Muay Thai training in commonwealth Elorde gym last 2 years ago. Eventually, I came to discover the Elorde boxing gym; however, due to time constraints and other factors I stop training together with my friends; but, recently this year 2016 I try to come back and train again here in Elorde Lacson corner Espana. I also tried to work out my body because I am getting fatter this early 2015 year. They offer different types of training not just kick boxing but also the classic and famous of all which is boxing. Because of Manny Pacquiao’s inspiration boxing became famous and discovered here in the Philippines; moreover, when you have already chosen what training to do, they will ask you to choose your own trainer or they will recommend to you their best trainers in their respective field of expertise. I love to train most especially when you see how well trained and expert your trainers are; moreover, they are friendly and approachable. They also take into consideration how fast would you respond to the training itself especially when you are a newbie to a specific type of training. They would try to measure first your stamina and capacity to do the work of training before they inflict difficult types of training. At first they will try to do a light training for the customers to absorb the intensity of the training and get used to it. Then eventually when the customer get used to the routine of training they will gradually change the intensity of training from light training to a hard training as it is suitable and applicable already to the customer.

I like it when the training is hard because it helps me sweat more and I can feel the improvement towards my body and my training itself. When the training is hard I feel the worth of what I am paying to the establishment and the trainer itself; moreover,  I can feel the intensity of the training so it is not boring instead it is challenging and motivating. I would really feel the heat inside my body and I feel really tired but I do not stop working out and doing the training because of my motto “never give up” and the reason behind why I am training because I want to improve myself and to become better. My trainer would motivate and inspire me that I can do it and I have the guts to be the best. Muay Thai is about being motivated to improve oneself in every training he experiences. Despite of those body pains and joint strains. Being able to survive those and to train everyday would really improve yourself not just physically but mentally because you became more disciplined. At first it would be hard to train everyday but as you get used to the body pains that every training would give. In the end you would love to do Muay Thai because you were searching for those body pains and eventually you will miss those.


It is located in Lacson corner Espana. It is near Pizza hut and University of Santo Tomas Lacson-Espana side. The ambient conditions of the said establishment is really good because you will be enticed to do training because of its ambiance, music and atmosphere inside. they have also a complete set of equipment that is needed for Muay thai and boxing training. They have the boxing ring for players to do sparring. They have also the ringing clock that bells every 2 minutes for training and bells again after 30 seconds for resting then it repeats the process. They also offer unlimited water for only 20 pesos. Every training of Muay thai costs 230 pesos if in peak hours but if it is not in peak hours it is only for 180 pesos

I choose this Elorde Boxing gym as one of my service blogs because of its good service and great trainers. I am comfortable and confident that having my training in this gym would bring me security and satisfaction because they  are tested and proven in terms of sports most especially boxing. Because Elorde boxing gym is one of the signature brand in terms of boxing training; moreover, since most of our Philippine boxers came from that boxing gym.