Cafe by the Ruins Baguio

Cafe by the Ruins (since 1988) recently opened up a new branch on Upper Session Road (right beside Mario’s).  This extension is called Cafe by the Ruins Dua (dua, meaning “two” in Ilokano), and Baguio natives have fondly nicknamed it Cafe Dua.

To you old Cafe by the Ruins loyalists, fret not because Dua is still the same old Cafe you have grown to love through the years, except it is now more modern-looking in terms of facilities, The bigger Dua branch is also in charge of producing and supplying Cafe by the Ruins’ pasalubong and bakery products: bread selection (Ernie’s kamote bread, Ensaymada, Whole Wheat Pan de Sal, etc.) and deli meats (home-smoked bacon, lamb sausage, longganisa, etc.). It is located in 25 Shuntug Street, Baguio City

First time trying out Cafe by the Ruins since we failed to do it last Panagbenga.

I didn’t expect that the place would be like that. Since it’s like a small bakery from the outside.

The place is nice and has a homey feeling. Wooden interiors, wine and bread on display.

Breads on display

So here’s their menu
We ordered the following:
We didn’t expect that both of our meals will be served with fresh fruits and juice/coffee.
Really a power breakfast!
Filipino “lon-si-log” (340 pesos)- Longganisang Hubad/ Marinated Pork Cubes. I was hesistant to order this one, since I’m not fan of longganisa, but when I read on their menu that it’s marinated pork cubes, I thought it’s the fried porkies with just longganisa flavoring. But indeed, it’s really a longganisa cubes. Kinda disappointed since I thought my meal would be like that (my fault anyway) Flavorful, but it’s a bit tough upon my liking. But I’m sure longganisa lovers will love this one!
Bacon and Eggs (340 pesos)- Thick pieces of bacon, egg and rice or pandesal. It was my girlfriend’s order and she was disappointed when she found out that the bagnet is not available during breakfast, but this Bacon and Eggs made his day! Combination of perfectly crisp bacon plus thick slabs of bacon. Not the Poco Deli style, but it’s home cured bacon.

One of the best places to have breakfast in Baguio is Cafe by the Ruins so without second thought we immediately went there to know why. I suggest you go here before you start your day activities in the city. I love its charm and rustic interior design. I find the meals to be a bit expensive like the longsilog  for PHP340.00. It comes with a big serving of marinated pork cubes and egg, one cup of red rice, drink of your choice, and fresh fruits. The staff is attentive and courteous, which makes dining really comfortable.

I choose this as one of my blogs because of its great food and excellent service; however the price of their food is quite expensive but I assure to you that it is worth it and delicious based from our experience, I can guarantee you that this is a must-try place in Baguio City.

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