Rock View Beach Resort Bolinao

Rock View Beach Resort is such a wonderful accommodation. It’s really confusing as its downsides were also its strengths. To sight an example is the location, it’s far from the white beach where all the cottages crowds. Thus, it was serine, silent and very relaxing, in fact we had the entire rocky view all for ourselves. However, swimmable part is nowhere in this area during Amihan (Northern Monson) which means that you have to travel down around 2km to beach bum.

Another thing is that, this resort is not too commercialized – you get to live a very rustic experience here, few cottages and two open cabanas which mean few visitors making it unreasonable for the owners to provide food services. Yeah right they offer nothing apart from the use of the kitchen. You have to shop and cook for yourself, something I am so lazy to do on a vacation. Anyway I wasn’t prepared for it, we were just told to buy everything we need (and by saying everything we need that includes drinking water to toiletries) by ate Lita’s son when he fetched us in Bolinao town proper.
bolinao pangasinan trip-5bolinao pangasinan trip-3
I love the place because it reminds me of my province life. Rock View Beach resort is really awesome were you would experience the bahay kubo setting or ambiance; moreover, you would experience the cool breeze of the sea which is very relaxing most especially during siesta time after lunch. The place was really relaxing, it calms my soul, it somehow erases all the stress in my body and all the problems in my mind when I stayed in this resort.
The price of the said resort was really affordable because we only paid 800 pesos per night. The care taker was so nice and friendly that they treated us like one of their families. They helped us how to spend less and have a memorable experience in bolinao. They also toured us on the said province. But we paid extra for their service of accompanying us to tourist spots like lighthouse, enchanted cave, and the famous patar white beach
bolinao pangasinan trip-15
8-10minute walk away from our accommodation.
Enchanted Cave
bolinao pangasinan trip-25
this cave too has a very clear turquoise water. Based on the staff on duty that time, the cave is connected to the sea which explains the enchanting color of the water. It’s a nice place, and the water is very refreshing. The cave itself is very small though, I don’t think it’s worth a hundred and fifty for a quick tour and dip.
Patar Beach
bolinao pangasinan trip-17
Beyond my expectations, the place specially the shoreline when we visited was very clean. The sand color is cream while most of the review says its dark beige. According to the owner the golden sand is most of the time an effect of flooding water from highlands which makes its color darker during rainy season.

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