True Food Indian Cuisine Boracay

I absolutely love the taste and look of Indian food. It warms the soul and there’s something very appealing about eating with one’s hands. This restaurant did not fail to deliver a great view and even better food!


Our amazing view – yes the beach is right there. There are no seats only cushions to lounge around on. We were the only patrons upstairs so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. This was mainly because we were having an early dinner because we’d skipped lunch:).


We ordered the butter chicken curry, vegetable biryani and 2 pieces of naan.


The portions may look small but they are not!


Here is the butter chicken. Not too spicy but amazing flavors. The naan was really big. The biryani was so yummy.


The chicken pieces in the curry were also a good size. The Indian food was so good that we were really satisfied in terms of its taste

DSC03326 DSC03327

The restaurant’s menu and entrance.

I choose this restaurant as one of my service blogs because its good service and good ambiance. The waiters were really accommodating and friendly to customers. There could be instances that the manager or waiter would talk to you and ask if we liked the food or how is the food. The price of their food is quite expensive most especially in terms of their stake and lamb prices. But the food is really great most especially when you wanted a real taste of spices and Indian food. This restaurant is great for spicy lovers and for those people who love to eat exotic foods; So if you are in Boracay you have to visit this place. It’s hard to miss since it has a great view and you can smell the indian cuisine from outside. The food and atmosphere is amazing. I want to go again


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