Zarks Burger Megamall

When I crave for burgers, the first thing I can think is Zark’s! My girlfriend and I were craving to eat here for a week now, and we got the chance to do it after a Sunday mass at Megamall. As we went here, we already expected a queue for the tables and yup, we patiently waited for it. We were able to get our orders ready while waiting to be seated. I decided to order one of their famous burgers, the Jawbreaker, and a glass of bottomless blue lemonade for my drink. I must say they never disappoint! The mere look to the burger was appetizing. The juiciness and the meatiness of the burger was real, the taste was oozing with flavors as you take a bite. The cheesiness was there, right amount of salty, and the combination of the meat were perfect! Guess I will never get tired of going back here for more. The staff were very accommodating to our needs as well. We all went home with a satisfied appetite.

The service was really good because the receptionist was really accommodating despite they have many customers to entertain. They do not fail to smile and explain to customers how willing are they to wait because of overflowing customers. The price of the products offered by the said restaurant is quite expensive but the quality of burgers is worth the price. The size and the taste of their patty was really good. It is good for customers who really loves to eat burgers and meat eaters. When you experience the burger of Zarks you would eventually forget the calories and fats that a burger contains because of its great taste of burger. Their ingredients of making a burger is great. The combination of tomato and onions in a burger with lettuce is my favorite type of burger, then I would put heinz ketchup and a little bit mustard sauce.

I choose this restaurant as one of my blogs because burger is one of my favorite food since I was a child and I want to share to you how lovely this Zarks burger is… the price of the burger is worth it despite it is quite expensive. But to those higher middle class families the price of the burger is just okay and affordable.  I really like the recipe of mixing tomato and onions with lettuce in a burger. Then you’ll add ketchup or mustard sauce.


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