Florida Transport, Inc Experience

Since I love to travel around the world but I start to travel around first into my own country the Philippines. I first come to travel the Northern part of the Philippines which is the Luzon part. And in traveling around Luzon area Bus or Airplane is the only way of transportation that is catered by public transport.  Since I was a child I love to travel different parts of the world. Because it is one of my dreams and goals in life. I want also to become a flight attendant someday because being a flight attendant would help me travel the world because I would be flying to different places. But, here in a Bus transport it is also same we came to different places but the experience is by land travel.

When we travel going to vigan just to visit the 7 churches there and to visit the historical landmarks of that city we ride a bus and that bus transport is the florida transport, inc. It is located in sampaloc manila in the main streets of manila which the espana boulevard. The location is strategic in terms of area because it is near school, condos and business establishments. Its price offering is affordable that every people can afford because it is not that expensive and the service is good because their staff and bus drivers are friendly and approachable; moreover, they are accommodating in terms of queries of every customer.

I choose this bus company as one of my service blogs because it is one of the bus companies that I have tried in metro manila when I am going to other parts of luzon most especially northern part of it. The experience is different from other bus company because as what I have said their staff and bus drivers are friendly. Because when we got to vigan it was our first time together with my girlfriend and we tried to talk to the passengers and the people around the bus just to gain information about vigan and how to get there. One of the persons that we talked to in the bus was the assistant of the bus driver and the bus driver itself. They were friendly and easy to get along with. We feel safe and relaxed when we are traveling going to vigan because of this people despite it was our firstime and we were nervous because we might get lost. But the florida experience was different. And this inspired me to blog this transport company because of its great workers.


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