Max’s Restaurant Vigan

Since one of my favorite habits is to eat. I have decided to put this establishment to one of my service blogs. Max’s Vigan is really different from those max’s restaurants that i have ever seen and experience to eat at. Aside from its different physical appearance, Max’s vigan offers a different variant of food like they offer the famous and delicious dish of the people of vigan the “bagnet” Max’s vigan has this unique way of serving their customers aside from its unique physical structure because it is an old house structure wherein you would see the antique and hispanic influence of the physical structure and style of the said restaurant.

The price of the said dishes were affordable and is worth it because it is really a delicious and mouth-watering dishes. So, most customers would buy the famous bagnet because of its signature taste and the crispiness of the said food. Max’s restaurant have their own way of offering rice cakes and polvoron to customers because it is one of the best desserts of vigan. They added also dirty ice cream as one of their product offerings because it is one of the favorites of the people of vigan.

The ambiance and the service of the said restaurant is really good. Because of its friendly staff and managers. They talked to us because they knew we were tourists in their city. They see to it that we have enjoyed our meals and their service. They wanted to know if we are satisfied to their product offerings and if we are happy to their service offerings; moreover, the ambiance of that restaurant makes you relaxed and feel you are at your home. All of these things makes the restaurant excellent in terms of service and product offerings. It makes the customers interested to the restaurant and eventually become loyal to the said brand; moreover, because of its affordable price and with its excellent service. More customers will come and the said establishment would be successful. And we can see that it is really successful because it existed already decades in Vigan city. It would not exist that long if it is not that successful. Sometimes it needs good managers to have a good decision making in terms of managing the said business and in this case of Max’s Vigan they have great managers. Because they were able to preserve the culture and tradition of Max’s vigan. They still instill the hispanic and historical background of the city. The culture and traditions. Their national dishes and etc. Its location is strategic because it is located in the main plaza of vigan. So, many people are passing by and dine in that restaurant.


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