Cafe Leona Vigan


When we arrived Vigan during holy week it was already twelve midnight and we needed a place to sleep so we checked in a nearby hotel that is a few meters away from the main town called the plaza burgos. After we have checked in to the hotel. We slept immediately. The night passed so quickly and then when we woke up we had eaten our free breakfast coming from the said hotel.


After eating our breakfast we planned to roam around the city and have a tour. So, we go to the main landmarks of vigan, its historical and hispanic churches, and other places like museums etc. We spent the almost the rest of the day having a tour at the city of vigan. We hear stories of tour guides and other trivias that makes the city of vigan relevant. After we have the tour we were so tired and hungry so, me and my girlfriend decided to go to a famous restaurant in vigan. It was said the oldest and the famous restaurant in vigan because of its historical origin and because of its delicious dishes that they offer.

Cafe Leona was the only restaurant in vigan that had existed many decades ago. The success of the restaurant represents the historical and hispanic figure of the city. It represents the old and antique city of vigan; moreover, it also represents the best dishes of vigan. We can find in this restaurant the delicious and famous dishes of the people of vigan.

I choose this restaurant as one of my service blogs because of its good retro ambiance that makes you feel you are in the early 1900 or you were in the early years where spanish colonization is active and alive. This restaurant has preserved its culture and antique physical structure. The price offerings of every food in the said restaurant is affordable and is not that expensive; moreover, the amount of serving is really not what you expect in terms of price. Because the serving of food is more than what you expect to the price and you will be surprised that this cost not that much but they serve this much. Their great service of making the customers satisfied makes them successful. Because of their strategy to make customers happy and satisfied. They did not fail to operate so until now they still operate and existed for decades now. Its location is strategic because it is located in the center of vigan which is the plaza burgos. In terms of its location many people passes by and sees that restaurant as a result they do not need to advertise because they are easily accessed and they had already established they brand name which is the oldest restaurant in vigan.


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