Casa de Soledad Vigan

Holy week is where people are trying to repent and reflect on the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ; moreover, people are having long weekends or long holidays. This is also the day wherein most of the workers have a rest and a vacation because mostly all business establishments and companies implement holidays in order to reflect and observe the holy week traditions and practices. During holy week me and my girlfriend decided to have a “visita iglesia” it is where catholics visit 7 churches. It is a devotion to God and it is also a usual tradition of every christian during holy week. We visited the 7 churches in Vigan. It was awesome and historical to visit the churches of Vigan because of its hispanic heritage of every churches we visited. In every church it reminds of antique churches where being built by the spaniards during the colonization.

Aside from the visita iglesia we also had a tour in the historial landmarks of the town like museums, houses of the famous people of vigan. the calle crisologo wherein it represents a hispanic ambiance. etc. After all those things like doing visita iglesia and visiting the landmarks. We find a hotel near the center of the city the “Casa De Soledad” it is a few meters away from the plaza burgos of vigan. It is also a few steps away from the main streets of vigan like calle crisologo and calle liberation. The hotel offers good service and hospitality to customers; moreover, the rate of the hotel is for the middle class people; moreover, the hotel is suitable for tourists who are together with their family or with their loved ones. Because of its good ambiance and the accomodating staff.

I choose this hotel as one of my service blogs because it is one of the affordable hotels in the town of vigan and because of its good service and ambiance what we are paying for is worth it and worth paying for; moreover, because of its hospitality services like free wifi, water and other personal needs like shampoo and soap bars. It also offers free breakfast once you check in to the hotel. The experience is great even though the price offering is not that expensive but still the service and accommodation is not what you expect for because of the price offering. With this kind of service and accomodation more customers are attracted and will be interested to the establishment and as a result there will be more customers to come and eventually these customers will be loyal customers and as loyal customers they will finally become life time customers. These would have a great impact to the establishment. Once these would happen the establishment would not need to advertise because the customers itself would advertise the said establishment because of its excellent service with an affordable prices. Its location is strategic because it is in the main highways of vigan which is the calle liberation.


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