Kalye-27 Car Wash

Since I was a child, I do really love cars and not just loving cars I also love to have my own car someday. Because for me when someone owns a car it is a status symbol that would partially define you in the status of life. To own a car is deemed as a rich person or someone who is able and has the capacity. And when someone owns a car it needs maintenance and washing so, I have included the Kalye 27 car wash as one of my service blogs because cars are my favorite thing in life. I love to watch movie most especially when cars are involved just like the 2 fast 2 furious movie.

When I was a child I used to clean and wash the car of my parents together with my other siblings and our helpers. Because I believe that when we are the one doing the job for our own things we do it good and not being rushed. Aside from being free it would also be nice if we are the ones cleaning our own cars because we may be cautious in making the car dirty. But as time goes by our ways and acts changes, people change. So, probably because of busy schedules and other activities that hinders us from cleaning our own car. We try to rely on car wash businesses just for stress and hassle free. We wanted their service because it is convenient and affordable.

This car wash “kalye-27” is located in Kalibo, Aklan near the provincial capitol of the town. Its location is strategic in terms of target market and non target market. Because there are many people who passes by that place during the night and day may it be people passing by with cars or without cars. The price of their service is like P250 package with wax and vacuum already. The establishment offers food and drinks while waiting for the car to be serviced as a sign of hospitality service to customers; moreover, to promote customer relationship.


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