Abre Gana Bar and Restaurant


Since I love bars and clubs. I love to enjoy and live life happy. Sometimes we need that “panandaliang saya” because all of us wanted to be happy. And we do not want to be sad or to live life miserable. There are many bars and clubs in boracay that I have encountered but this bar in Kalibo is not the typical club or bar that I have experienced because this bar in Kalibo is a bar at night and at day time it is a restaurant. What makes it different from other bars is there service and the ambiance of the said bar. Mostly all bars and clubs nowadays are electro music. Only a few would play acoustic or any other genre of music. But this bar in kalibo is conservative because it preserved its culture and tradition which is to play aklanon songs and any other music related to the culture of the people in the town; moreover, they play retro music in order to cater those of the old generations. They also play acoustic songs may it be OPM or foreign music.

It was only the year 2008 when this bar started operating. It started from a family business owned restaurant and then eventually it turned out into a bar. It is located in andagao, kalibo, aklan. It is a few kilometers away from the kalibo airport. It can accomodate 100-150 persons. Beside this bar and restaurant is the Basa hotel where the latter has partnership. So, when the tourists/customers needed a place to sleep they would easily be accomodated. There is no problem in terms of the place to eat and have fun because a few steps away from the hotel is the Abre Gana bar.

Let me share to you my experience when I was in highschool. Me and my highschool friends used to drink alcoholic liquors in that bar. There are a lot of memories and flashbacks to remember if I would be going back in that place. We used to chill in that place because it is one of the great bars in Kalibo. Because of its relaxing ambiance and good music. The combination of good music and good ambiance makes the customers feel relaxed; moreover, because of its good acoustic bands playing the music in the stage.


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