The PAL experience

I live in the province of Aklan particularly in the town of Kalibo. And it is the time where vacation is near to come. And I plan to go home to my province. So, I avail the service of air transportation in order to reach my desired destination. I chose Philippine Airlines as a vehicle in order to go home because of its affordable price and great hospitality service; moreover, it is better to patronize our local products/services than to foreign products/services. Because it gives benefit and progress to our country. Anyway, the experience of flying with PAL is different from the other airlines that I have encountered; the experience is really great and worth the pay. Not just because of PAL’s unique way of showing hospitality to its customers but because of its integrity and brand equity; PAL has been the one of the great airlines here in our country.

My experience in the said flight was really good that I do not have to worry about plane crushes due to pilot errors. Because PAL has trained their crews and pilot well. And in fact there is still no report of plane crash in domestic flights here in the Philippines; moreover, in every airline they know when to cancel or not the flight; they have precautionary measures or protocols to follow.  So, there is no need to worry about the flight all you need to do is seat and relax just like what I did when I experienced the flight. But sometimes, it is too hard to be complacent to the things we believe and experience. Because we may not know what would happen in the future only God knows. Even the greatest ship had sunk to the waters just like the story of Titanic. People believe that the ship would not sink to the water because of man’s great invention but what happened in the end; moreover, they would say also that even God cannot destroy the ship. Anyway, enough to stories that are not related to services. All I can say to PAL experience is perfect because of its great service, great crew and pilot, and most of all great experience. This airlines is my home in the sky.


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