El Moro Resort of Boracay

December 2015 when I had my vacation in Aklan. After staying in my hometown which is Kalibo I then go to Boracay just to have a relaxing vacation and in order also to feel the beautiful place of boracay which is the beach. From kalibo I rode a van going to caticlan, the travel time lasts for 1 hour and 30 min. When I reached caticlan jetty port I would be riding a pump boat going to cagban port of boracay. After I reached the port of boracay I would be riding a tricycle going to D’mall which is station 2 or the center of boracay.

I stayed on my aunt’s resort in boracay. This place is so good and accommodating because it is located in the center of boracay while it is also near the beach; moreover, it’s price is affordable and it’s quality is better than what is expected on the price. So, my stay in boracay was awesome because of my aunt’s resort. I enjoyed the stay in boracay and had a time to be relaxed as well. Because before vacation when I have classes, I feel stressed because of school works etc. So, now I had the chance to feel relaxed and had nothing to bother on my mind.

I choose this resort in boracay as one of my blogs because of its excellent service; moreover, this place is perfect together with your family, friends, your loved ones during vacations, outings and reunions. The experience is worth it and worth remembering. I am really satisfied to the extent that me and my family always want to stay in this place. I recommend that if you try to visit boracay. Visit el moro resort in order to experience your second home here in boracay.


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