Saylo Cuisine of Kalibo

It was december 2015 when 1st semester SY 2015-2016 nearly ends. And Christmas season was imminent to start. It was the perfect time for vacation and celebration with the family because of long holidays. At the same time, it is followed by a New Year’s Eve celebration. The month of December is the greatest time because it is where people are happy; moreover, people are sharing their love to one another and most especially people are with their families enjoying the moment while they are still completely together as a family. Because in life, we may not know what lies ahead but only God knows.

1896825_730277423659235_1382272722_nFor me, If I had the chance to freeze time. I would freeze the time of december where christmas season happens because it is where I have the time with my family and it is the time where we are complete. It is the time also where I could relax myself because there is no better place than home. Everything that bothers and hinders you from school could be postponed for a while because it is a long holiday; moreover, you are away from physical stress and mental stress that causes problem and trouble to one’s self.


So, I decided to go home to our province together with my two brothers that is also studying here in UST. We left manila at 6:00pm and arrived to Kalibo at 7:00pm. When we arrived Kalibo, my mother was already waiting at the arrival area ready to pick us. After all baggages were secured. We went to a famous restaurant in Kalibo named “Saylo”. It is a Akeanon word which means “come in”. It is a filipino cuisine that offers different variants of food and dishes but focuses on the special dishes of the Visayas people. Every vacation when we arrived from manila we went to this restaurant to bond and to eat together; Even before we leave Kalibo we bond and eat together in this place. It is like a tradition of the family, it is already engraved in our hearts that we love and like this restaurant because of its good quality of service and not just because of its service but also because of its good quality of products. The ambiance of the said restaurant is perfect for the family. But not just for family but also for friends etc. In terms of its pricing, it is affordable and worth spending. Everything that you want to try most especially the special dishes of Aklan can be found in this restaurant. They offer the “inubarang manok” it is a native chicken that is savored by a coconut’s milk and other spices. They also offer the “Binakol na manok” it is also a native chicken cooked inside a bamboo chute mixed with a pandan leaf and spices. There could be many mouth watering food that they can offer. But those two menus are the special dishes in the province of Aklan most especially in Kalibo.


The white bowl on the left side is the “inubaran na manok” while inside the clay pot is the “binakol na manok”

I choose this restaurant as one of my blogs because of its excellent service and excellent product offerings; moreover, its ambiance is perfect for family gatherings most especially during christmas. I expect high quality services and quality products in this restaurant because it is one of the famous restaurants in Kalibo. The experience is worth it and worth remembering. I am really satisfied to the extent that me and my family always want to dine in this place. I recommend that if you try to visit Kalibo most especially before going to Boracay it would be nice if you would try to dine first at Saylo because it is one of the finest restaurants in the town of Kalibo and try its special dishes. Just to say that you have totally experience the place because you have tried its exotic dishes. Your stay in Kalibo would not be complete if you would not experience to taste these food.


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